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Start Earning Referral Rewards!

We're happy to help!

We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us and can't wait to meet your neighbors, friends and family! For every referral submitted that meets our terms and conditions- you earn



Official Rules & FAQs


Learn more about our Referral Rewards Program qualifications, restrictions, and other details.


How is the $250 paid?

Once your referral's job has been completed, you will be mailed a $250 Visa Gift Card to the address provided on the form.  If you wish to have your referral rewards donated to a non-profit organization on your behalf please contact to process your request.


Do I have to fill out this form to receive credit for my referral?

Yes. In order for us to properly track your referral rewards, you must fill out the form located on the "Submit Your Referral" button for every referral contact you send our way.


What if you already have their information, will it count?

Only clients whose information we originally received because you referred them are eligible. If we have been in contact with them prior to you referring them, they will not be accounted for your referral rewards even if you fill out the form.


Are Jobs Paid By Insurance Eligible?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any monetary incentive to insurance claim restoration projects. However, you're welcome to still refer someone to Classic Construction & Consulting for their storm damage restoration project.  In this case, we will send both Visa gift cards to the referrer.


I referred someone already but didn't fill out the form. Will it count?

Only clients that were referred on or after July 15, 2019, are eligible, but you still must fill out this form with both of your information to count towards your referral rewards. Failure to do so before your referral's job is approved will not count.


Is there a project minimum?

Yes. Your referral must hire us for a minimum project cost of $15,000 for their first project with Classic Construction & Consulting. Repeat customers can not qualify as referrals.


Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can send?

No! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send and you will receive $250 for every referral who hires us and meets all program requirements.


How can I track my rewards?

We will notify you via email once your referral's job has been approved for production and your $250 is being delivered.

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